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5 Thoughts He Has When You Tell Him How Many Guys You've Slept With



In finding out…

Each and every man is aware of that a lady’s quantity is a variety of hooey. You assert ten (after more than likely throwing up in his mouth a bit), and he realizes you intended 17. It is not that you are mendacity, it is simply dudes believe any “crossing the edge” to be intercourse. (We have been raised on sports activities through which “breaking the aircraft” counts as scoring: soccer, football, hockey, goat racing.)

In keeping with our pals over at The Frisky, ladies have a few sexual encounters that they only do not rely. However at the same time as the entire “quantity” factor has been batted approximately extra occasions than someone will have to care to keep in mind, in actual fact, the lion’s percentage of men do not spend a large number of time fascinated with your quantity.

However men do care approximately sexual historical past. This is why.

1. He is aware of that STDs are method too not unusual.

Men with out junk funk would like to stay it that approach. At the same time as he does not need to ask, he is keenly fascinated by now not catching anything else so they can make him itch, lead to pee-similar burning, disfigure his mouth, genitalia or anus, provide him most cancers or compromise his immune device. If you are blank, he is cool. 


2. He is checking to peer when you’ve banged any person well-known.

There is a just right probability he would possibly not be jealous that you simply f*cked the lead singer of Arctic Monkeys, however he’s going to wonder whether he is in reality a groovy man, if you are nonetheless in contact, and if he’d like to return to his birthday celebration.


three. He needs to understand what you are into.

With the intention to in finding out what will get you going, sooner or later he’s going to need to recognize the loopy issues you have got performed within the sack (or in a child pool stuffed with KY). Speaking approximately your earlier will even impress him to invite in the event you’d do one thing he unearths to be a risqué, kinky hobby.


four. He wishes to understand if his pals have slept with you.

Positive it is infantile, however a man does not love to be blindsided with “Yeah, dude, I hit that,” afer proudly telling pals approximately his new female friend. The theory of listening to, “Hell, Lumbergh f*cked her” from a 3rd-birthday party, is ten occasions worse than figuring out you slept with eleven men right through a in particular low vainness yr in school.


five. He needs to remember to don’t seem to be a prostitute.

Did cash ever change palms? To not be too-too judgemental, however gold diggers are frightening. Plus, the hip-hop track has made us leery of looking to convert a ho right into a housewife.

Identical to age is only a quantity, so is your “quantity.” It is what (and who) you probably did with the ones people who counts. Legendary medicinal homes apart, having intercourse with a virgin is not that fun (until you are in love or no matter what).




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