the Untitled Collection, Archival Pigment Print, 2013-… , through Anna Agoston

I’m an architect who makes artwork. My training and follow as an architect have knowledgeable what I see, the best way I feel, and what, why, and the way I make artwork.

This can be a take a look at my artwork thru my architect’s lens. I goal to show sides of that means in keeping with the Vitruvian triad of structural integrity, good looks, and application.


Architects assume relating to area and shape, and construction is on the center of the architectural artifact.

My Untitled venture is a chain of pictures of dwelling plant parts photographed in parks and gardens. The collection’ parameters–outlined and handled as structural parts–come with print colour, layout, measurement, and borders. Those shared parameters maintain the collection’ coherence and integrity and function a sculptural foundation for my artwork through protecting and framing each and every symbol.

I difficult to understand backgrounds to isolate topics from their contexts. I strategically place my topics inside of white frames to rouse emotions like withdrawal, sensuality, and love or sensations like gravity or levitation. The vertical backbone of a Gingko Biloba leaf stretches sensually alongside the body. The round type of an Opium Poppy crown hovers within the higher a part of the body. I are trying to find out and use symmetry to spotlight imperfections or particularities of trend and form. Angling a topic’s center axis up-down or proper-left presentations up herbal asymmetries and imperfections alongside it, such because the minuscule irregularity at the rim of a Paphiopedilum Orchid’s decrease lip.

Pictures proven in combination are organized in a horizontal line on occasion damaged into vertically-juxtaposed equivalent sequences. The collection is to be learn from left to proper and most sensible to backside, as is Western textual content on a web page. This association brings out similarities and progressions in shape–on a regular basis from the round to the linear–and feeling. The pictures’ positioning courses audience from and permits them to examine one to the following.

Good looks

As an architect and artist, I try to layout dwellings and make artwork which are shifting in addition to aesthetically interesting. The Untitled collection is an try to screen the sweetness intrinsic to each and every topic. Topics are most commonly tiny, easy plant parts present in strange, herbal settings that I exalt through turning them into artwork that celebrates them. Plant parts are both glossy, recent, newly-germinated stems, buds, and blossoms or weathered, withered boles, twigs, and leaves. The latter are harking back to Wabi-sabi, the normal Eastern aesthetic that honors transience and imperfection in nature.

Artwork effects from the act of creating a picture stunning and shifting. To make my topic stunning to the viewer, I polish and emphasize shape with gentle and draw from a palette that levels from the natural white of a rainy floor catching the sunshine to the wealthy black of deep intensity of box. I print digitally on thick matte Hahnemühle paper as a result of its positive, clean floor creates top quality prints that emphasize fantastic tonal graduations. Sparsely-positioned planes of center of attention shape a tonal spectrum whose span expresses sharp foreground element in addition to cushy historical past. The outcome is a picture that may be compellingly stunning.

My pastime in architectural construction adopted clearly from an in advance fascination with natural construction. I had studied the natural unit, the cellular phone, as a result of I used to be fascinated by how singular features may just account for such numerous systems as hair and bone. Now, once I take a look at a black-and-white print of a Gingko Biloba leaf magnified six occasions, what I see is structure: construction, shape, and texture that strike a cord in me of Oscar Niemeyer’s great strengthened-concrete edifices. It’s obviously the leaf’s natural construction that determines the gracious–whether or not refined or immature–approach by which it hangs from the stem.

Good looks additionally is living within the metaphor that a picture would possibly evoke. I don’t provide my pictures titles, who prefer to permit audience’ minds to float and shape visible institutions. My pictures do, on the other hand, have personal nicknames relating to the private metaphors that they evoke in me. Discerning symbols and deciding on visible metaphors is a part of my inventive procedure. Whilst I’m taking a photograph, I would possibly determine, are searching for to embed a discerned image or metaphor. As an example, once I noticed and felt a Madonna and Kid in a minute germinating sprout, I labored at the symbol till it conveyed that metaphor to me. I’m on the other hand mindful that, like Rorschach inkblots, visible metaphors are endless in quantity, uncontrollable, and will most effective be prompt to others.


While an artifact’s application or serve as is about in its programming, its serve as, while designed by way of an architect, can transcend programming to surround human revel in of each external item and inside area.

While providing an structure challenge, I first lay down details approximately it. I lead the buyer across the out of doors of the edifice, highlighting its options and setting, after which transfer inside of and during the plan from the doorway to any higher rooms, all of the at the same time as stating how one stories the internal areas in live performance with the ones visual thru openings. “Los angeles prom architecturale,” this motion during the construction, and the ensuing series of pictures unfolding prior to the observer, used to be relevant to Le Corbusier’s architectural layout. That idea formed his homes interiors and exteriors. Our bodily revel in of any structure and artwork engenders feelings that during flip have an effect on our emotional reaction to our surroundings.

Le Corbusier accrued herbal items and used them to attract up the herbal regulations that officially motivated his layout of structure items, whether or not parts like stairways or whole homes. He wrote: “Round 1928 I felt a want to enlarge my pictorial vocabulary and turned into focused on what I referred to as items of poetic response (objets à réaction poétique), any choice of abnormal pieces that include, summarize, and categorical the regulations of nature, occasions understood as symbolically vital, and so on. After that I started to paintings at the human determine.” (Le Corbusier, L’Structure d’Aujourd’hui, Unique Factor, April 1948, p. forty five).

The aim of my Untitled collection isn’t to tell my structure however to attract consideration to and raise the small however now not insignificant plant parts encountered in day by day lifestyles. A stroll during the collection is meant to offer an internal revel in so as to convey a few renewed sensitivity to the flora and fauna. Magnifying little main points of lifestyles that might in a different way move disregarded exposes enormous good looks, triggers amazement, and revives from inside of. Via inviting contemplation, my artwork transcends its topics.

Architects try to layout works which might be internally and externally significant. We’re keen on an edifice’s essence and in addition with its cultural and ancient context. In a similar fashion, my Untitled collection, through that specialize in topics’ construction and good looks, is an ode to herbal bureaucracy that seeks to compel the viewer to peer the arena with new eyes, to really feel it from inside of.

What makes my Untitled collection particular is my use of virtual generation to photograph dwelling crops of their herbal environments. Free of the studio, I take a look at how the autumn of herbal gentle on topics defines their shape, and confronted with the weather, like wind and solar, I take more than one pictures of a unmarried topic till I am getting it proper.

In exploring the visible metaphor in dwelling crops, I’m construction at the legacy of Edward Weston’s nonetheless lifes; and my use of recent virtual equipment furthers the macro images custom of Karl Blossfeldt through making top-solution pictures of plant bureaucracy in nature. In contrast to Hilla and Bernd Becher, I’m creating a romantic typology of bureaucracy during which feeling is perceptible. In my ongoing Untitled collection, I’m setting up a innovative sequencing of shape and feeling.

Training and follow form our senses. I do what I will not lend a hand however do. Being a extremely delicate individual and feeling issues intensely has left me with the want to categorical my emotions. I do so thru my artwork.

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