Divorce advice for men is a pretty broad subject since everyone is different in their needs and desires. There are some things I can advise from personal experience.

Be prepared for the long haul. A divorce can be a long and expensive process. This can, however, be made a lot easier if you and your ex can remain on speaking terms. It’s a legal activity so be prepared to talk to, and pay for, lawyers.

Regardless if you instigated the divorce, your ex did or it was mutual you are likely to be hurting. Even if the marriage was unhappy on your side, you are losing someone who was in your life. Don’t wall off from family and friends; allow them to be there for you. It’ll help you get back on your feet faster.

Don’t go out and buy a sports car. It’s the age old stereotype and not only does it not help but it adds extra cost to an already expensive procedure. Trying new activities or hobbies can help take your mind of it but keep the bank balance in mind.

The best advice I can give is be open and honest. The ideal ending of the process is both parties parting relatively happily. Don’t argue for the sake of arguing, if a conversation is becoming too heated then step back and try again. Don’t feel you have to back down on every point, if something is important to you and your ex might just be doing it to spite you then don’t let that pass.

Source by Steve Murray