A rootie toot toot, A rootie toot toot. We’re the boys from the Institute. We do not vote and we do not transfer and we do not mess with the donks who do. A rootie toot toot, A rootie toot toot. Trump were given unfastened from the Institute. The inmate’s out to rabblerout, and now we are screwed surely.

Apparently that the Republican southern technique, cooked up so as to frontload Romney’s nomination in 2012 has backfired at the antique Kentucky Colonel, Speaker/Majority Chief McConnell. Hidee hidee hidee ho. Giggling all alongside the Mason and Dixon line–glance away! Approach down yonder within the Land of Cotton. What satisfied game to cheer the top of his birthday celebration’s lengthy past due decimation. Col. McConnell’s forged south, his confederacy of dunces, can now be redubbed the Recognize Nothings. They have got been arduous at it given that l964. Fifty- years of connivin’, contrivin’, vote-blockin’, gerrymanderin’ everywhere our gullible, cullable South. And now, they are caught with us! Their greenback-teeth, pass-eyed, purple-headed step chirren, simply once they idea that they had us proper the place they sought after us. Of their fleece-covered cash grubbing gunny sack.

From the honor days of AuH2O+sixty four=Victory thru Tough Dick over and over again, to the sainted Ronald Reagan, in conjunction with his CIA leader and V.P., ole Cranium and Bones, George Herbert Walker Bush and his crisis ready to occur, George W., born once more Chrishchen who needed to have an much more ultimate energy to bless him with the presidency–yep. They were given antique Dixie within the do-rag bag. And via dang, we brought.

What’s it in our makeup that makes us this sort of dependable, dumbfounded juggernaut? The Remark Elegance has taken to calling us the SEC states. Whether or not they understand the wonderful thing about this capture-all, I have no idea. What I know is while you get a stadium stuffed with 30,000 youngsters and alums in combination week after week, smartly. Take a look at it this manner: those individuals are at risk of get plastered, pie-eyed, buzzed, bombed, twisted, blistered, head-bangin’, knee-walkin’ under the influence of alcohol…they’re loaded, totaled, discombobbulated, snockered, deep-fried and blow-dried, whacked, thwacked, rode-exhausting and submit rainy–and while you get ’em all in combination like that, why, you’ll be able to rely on long term mind injury. Allow’s placed it down the place the cats can get at it: no one does it higher than the Universities of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Florida and sure, house of the Nice Naysayer his personal self, the School of Kentucky.

However the funny story is on y’all. Up there for your burnt out rust belts and fancy pants ivy leagues, as a result of consider you me, Br’er Fox all the time will get the remaining chuckle. Y’all idea while Civil Rights got here down that the South may turn into extra such as you–extra ahead considering, extra affordable. What if truth be told came about is y’all turned into extra like us–bass-ackward! It wasn’t simply that you simply other folks were given bored to death with being snowblown and icebound and moved down right here in droves, as did your firms and crops, however is used to be additionally that you simply found out there used to be nonetheless a vestige of courtesy and kindness down right here, hospitality and graciousness, god is aware of how, just right manners and whimsical senses of humor, honesty at times or even neighborliness. KISS ALL THAT GOODBYE!

Too dangerous you sicced this rabid carpetbagger on us. This impolite, crude Yankee snake oil salesman who will get off on eliciting the internal lyncher out of any meeting, any place within the u . s . a .. Who calls out the Razorback and Gator, Gamecock and Bulldog in any drunken sot thank you on your candidate’s in advance pugilisticness…move you cunning Pachiderms! And by way of the best way, disgrace on all you in poor health pretenders on level who did not have the decency to only say no while requested in the event you’d get at the back of that sorry bastard. Nancy Reagan can be appalled.

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