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"GOD" for Atheists (and an expanded, scientific definition of "God" for everyone else)



As many rejoice the Christmas season and the approaching of a New Yr, perhaps there is a method we will be able to, certainly, convey atheists and theists and the disparate factions and religions in combination on our little planet.

And, as an alternative of that specialize in the antique definitions of “God”, that many reject, or on how in a different way we see and honor “God” around the many faiths, perhaps there’s even some way to make use of this as soon as divisive time period to convey us all in combination.

I feel it can be with this symbol, proper right here.


That is The Helix Nebula. Additionally it is referred to as “The Eye of God”.

As stunning as it’s, it’s similarly interesting.

This is a huge expanse of gases from an exploded famous person, seven hundred gentle years away within the constellation Aquarius. And it’s monumental! It is radius, the space from the middle to the outer boundary, is two.87 gentle years that is greater than sixteen Quadrillion miles.

Extra importantly, despite the fact that, “The Eye of God”, like different nebulae, if truth be told creates lifestyles. Sure, this, those large aggregations of gases, create lifestyles . . . in addition to stars and planets and nearly the whole thing else within the bodily Universe.

Those nebulae are the nurseries of galaxies and sun techniques and in addition include the weather for crops and animals and people to boost and thrive.

In different phrases, the atoms and molecules in our bones and center and pores and skin and mind . . . and the whole thing round us . . . are created inside of of those astronomical phenomena.

So, in some way of talking, nebulae proceed the paintings of what many regard as “The Almighty” in developing, and re-developing the Universe.

One mind-set approximately that is that God created the bodily universe thirteen.eight Billion years in the past with a flash of sunshine referred to as “The Large Bang.” Because the stars that God created normally handiest are living 10 Million – 10 Billion years, all of the Universe as we realize it might have long past darkish and died approximately four Billion years in the past . . . aside from for this AMAZING Common recycling gadget.

And what an ordinary recycling gadget it’s!

As the largest stars within the Universe run out in their nuclear gas they in reality explode – a type of secondary (or tertiary, and so forth.) “Large Bang” and spew their guts billions of miles into the Cosmos.

Over the following hundreds and hundreds of thousands of years the weather from the insides of those exploded stars come in combination and shape new parts and, ultimately, shape new stars and new planets.

So, God lives, and keeps to create – forever – thru nebulae. Listed here are another spectacularly stunning ones.

Crab Nebula

Orion Nebula

Ring Nebula

Dual Jet Nebula

Now that we’re performed with the technology, how approximately using those amazing issues that introduced us in combination, actually and bodily, to convey us in combination in different ways.

What if we brought this clinical working out to how we depict The Author”? What if we advanced and up to date our definition of “GOD” by way of bowing to technology (which if there’s a “GOD”, he, she or it will have so much unquestionably additionally created) and depicting “GOD” in some way that we now realize is said to the real, confirmed bodily advent of stars, planets, our personal our bodies and The Universe itself?

A few of our ancestors had equivalent feelings. They understood that God used to be too large an idea to take a look at to squeeze into one phrase and they installed a touch or an underscore among the G and the D, or left the “O” out solely. That in part or utterly empty area might keep in touch the unfathomability, the ineffability, the endless nature of the Almighty.

And that may be a gorgeous and respectful approach to honor God and I thought to be doing so in my up to date ebook, “E=MC2 and The New Definition of God”. (http://www.TheNewDefinitionofGod.com

However then I targeted in this bizarre symbol of The Helix Nebula. In lieu of the “O” I assumed there may well be an much more creative AND clinical method to keep in touch the vastness of God and the Universe, and this twentieth and twenty first Century working out approximately his means of advent and re-advent.

So, beginning this Christmas season and with this New Yr, I recommend that we start to write the phrase in a brand new approach . . . with a powerful nebula as an essential component, like the picture above.

This symbol, this manner of scripting this extremely essential and sophisticated 3 letter phrase, applies to all folks. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Baha’is, all indigenous religions and each and every different faith in the world. Each and every unmarried considered one of us, regardless of our faith or trust in or approximately God used to be created through a nebula. Each and every unmarried atom in our frame comes from one. Nebulae convey in combination the numerous scorching, excited, numerous parts of exploded stars and cosmic mud. In all probability its imagery can deliver its 7 Billion numerous creations right here on Earth in combination as smartly.

So, it feels correct, to not point out stunning, whether or not you consider in a few type of Ultimate Being, or now not, to honor those mini-“Creators” that we will be able to now in reality see through hanging them entrance and middle in a brand new, clinical depiction of the phrase we use to indicate “The” Author as we strive, as Albert Einstein stated in his ordinary “My Credo” in 1932, “to aim humbly to clutch with (our) minds a trifling symbol of the lofty construction of all that there’s.”

(A fuller exploration of Einstein and a imaginable clinical definition of “God” can also be discovered within the simply launched eBook, “E=MC2 and The New Definition of God” http://www.TheNewDefinitionofGod.com

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