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Islamicity Indices — The Best Instrument for Changing the Muslim World



How can ISIS and different Muslim terrorists be defeated? That is the query of our era and perhaps of the century.

First, a easy quiz. What’s the foundational drawback in so much Muslim nations? Who’s in charge? Why is Muslim terrorism so outstanding? What’s the answer? Why are Islamicity Indices the most productive tool for converting the Muslim global and therefore removing the scourge of Muslim terrorism?

Allow start by way of clearing the deck — Islam isn’t the issue, however is as an alternative the answer for a greater long run for Muslim nations. In actual fact that Islam has been undermined and hijacked via corrupt hereditary rulers, clerics and strongmen to “legitimize” their illegitimate rule. And their illegitimate rule — with its absence of the guideline of regulation and consultant executive — has been supported by way of the Nice Powers, from the East and particularly from the West. The intervention of overseas powers, within the guise of nationwide, company and private pastime, has enabled illegitimate Muslim rulers to perpetuate their oppressive rule on the price in their folks. In consequence, moderate electorate in so much Muslim nations were robbed in their freedom and are living in societies that manage to pay for little chance for a greater long run, with strongmen the use of their fake interpretation of Islam to justify their oppression.

It isn’t tricky to peer why those prerequisites give you the best possible breeding floor for anger and violence towards Muslim rulers and their overseas supporters. Western righteousness and pronouncements of human rights, undermined through their strengthen of dictators around the Muslim Global, in flip give you the likes of ISIS with limitless propaganda subject matter for recruits. Mockingly, each side — oppressive rulers and terrorists such ISIS and Al-Qaeda — use Islam to justify their movements.

But to our wonder the selection of Muslim terrorists continues to be small. With an predicted 1.five billion Muslims all over the world and not more than one hundred fifty,000 belonging to businesses comparable to ISIS, terrorists constitute not up to zero.001 % of all Muslims. As dangerous as terrorism could also be lately, with such a lot of Muslims on the planet (and their numbers rising extra all of a sudden than another faith), the longer term may well be in point of fact disastrous if the basis lead to of terrorism isn’t as it should be known and extinguished. The message is obvious. The fallacious analysis and remedy may just break the arena we all know these days! We had higher get it proper and undertake a complete coverage for addressing terrorism.

How very best can Muslims take price in their nations, cope with their societal malaise and create loose, egalitarian and filthy rich societies with justice because the hallmark? In earlier posts we have now defined Islamic teachings and the scaffolding they supply for Muslim societies as envisaged within the Quran. So why can not Muslims create such societies? What’s preventing them?

In so much Muslim nations Islam has turn into so institutionalized and inflexible that its teachings can’t be freely debated. Through the years, rulers and clerics have taken over the translation of the Quran. They insist that they’re those who best possible bear in mind the Quran and supply for pliant clerics to express their message. Muslims are anticipated to act as they’re advised. They’re stored from discussing the translation and alertness of Quranic teachings. In reality, in lots of Muslim nations, wondering the state-sanctioned interpretation of the Quran and, even worse, offering choice interpretations for dialogue are crimes that can lead to critical punishment. Debate, dialogue and questions are noticed as seditious. Why? As a result of Islam is used as an tool of regulate.

On this area of fake interpretation and of hijacking Islam for private achieve, ISIS has discovered a receptive target audience for some other fake interpretation of Islam. ISIS is just leaping at the bandwagon and following within the trail of an extended listing of overseas-supported Muslim dictators with its personal interpretation of Islam. If this drawback is still unaddressed, others shall be drawing close with but extra excessive interpretations that absolute best go well with their time table and the temper of the days.

As we’ve stated in in advance blogs, Muslims will have to be inspired to take rate in their faith. Look at the Quran (the theoretical basis of Islamic societies) and its interpretation via the Prophet Mohammad in Medina. However then what? If Muslims problem state-sanctioned interpretations, they are going to be brushed aside as ignorant and missing the essential non secular training to interpret the phrases of Allah, or they’re going to be accused of getting been indoctrinated through Westerners. In the event that they persist and insist reforms from their rulers they may well be arrested, imprisoned or even finished for sedition.

That is the place Islamicity Indices come into play. The indices don’t seem to be concerned with one verse from the Quran or on one bankruptcy, however are meant to seize teachings within the Quran as an entire on subjects comparable to justice, freedom, poverty, opulence, equality of chance, sharing of God’s bounty, and so forth., and those can in flip be aggregated in numerous how you can supply even broader indices of winning financial, political or human rights prerequisites. The indices are meant to offer a benchmark for Islamic teachings to check a rustic’s efficiency. It’s was hoping that they may be able to obtain international beef up to ultimately push apart the fake interpretations which are propagated for private achieve. There are kinds of indices — move-sectional indices offering comparability (a rating and rating) of all nations; and longitudinal indices for person nations offering a hallmark of efficiency for a unmarried united states through the years.

It’s more difficult for clerics and rulers to disregard those indices. In the event that they item to any component in an index, changes may also be made however the tale won’t amendment considerably. Islamicity Indices will display the efficiency of nations for all to peer. It is going to transform more difficult for rulers to cover at the back of blanket statements of fake tests of Islamic teachings. Their successes and screw ups can also be assessed in an effort to derive higher insurance policies. The Muslim and non-Muslim global may just start to characteristic the present situation in Muslim nations to not Islam, however to its right kind supply — non rule-compliant Muslim rulers and governments, their cronies and their overseas backers.

It’s was hoping that this undertaking will achieve global popularity and endorsement and be the catalyst for sure amendment within the Muslim global. This in flip will have to lend a hand shut the rising chasm among the Muslim and non-Muslim global to give a boost to the solidarity of humankind — a most important basis of Islam.

However as with anything else in lifestyles a phrase of warning. Our Islamicity Indices have won so much consideration within the Muslim Global. Younger Muslims have downloaded discussions of those indices all over the world. Prayer leaders have introduced the outcome and alertness of our indices to the eye in their groups. The Islamic Construction Financial institution (IDB) has arranged meetings that specialize in creating a Shariah-primarily based index of socio-financial construction in 2014. In 2015, the federal government of Malaysia followed its personal index to degree the rustic’s compliance with Islamic teachings, wanted reforms and growth. Whilst those are very sure results, we now have been steered to concentrate on an rising hidden time table — executive-subsidized analysis in Muslim nations to advance indices that enhance their oppressive rule.

We are hoping to have our proposed web pages (Islamicity-Index.Org and Islamicity-Indices.Org) up through the top of February 2016. We are hoping that this attempt will generate so much discussion to interact Muslims and non-Muslims. We are hoping that Western and Japanese governments acknowledge the facility of those indices to jettison their egocentric insurance policies of the previous in enhance of dictators; and as an alternative to bring in an generation of cooperation amongst overseas powers in beef up of so much wanted reform of their consumer states, reform that might extinguish the flame of terrorism and create a greater long run for all humanity.

We finish via emphasizing that what we see within the Muslim global isn’t Islam however its perversion. Foundational Islamic teachings of affection, solidarity, freedom, consultant rule, efficient governance and justice are a lot more obvious in Northern Europe that during any Muslim u . s . a ., an statement that used to be showed within the phrases of Mohammad Abduh, a founding member of the Muslim Brotherhood, over a century in the past “I went to the West and noticed Islam, however no Muslims; I were given again to the East and noticed Muslims, however no Islam.”

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