LOS ANGELES (NewS Satire) –

“We’re in the course of a deadly disease of Facepalm accidents,” claims Dr. Herbert Penney of the Middle for Illness Keep an eye on.

“The indicators of Facepalm syndrome come with a reddening of each the face and the palm, with a serious indentation within the face in excessive instances. A hunched again and prolonged neck are secondary signs. On occasion we see a cracked cranium.”

Some of the Facepalm sufferers document having seen a political debate at or concerning the time of the Facepalm damage.

“I have noticed folks in bars staring at the debates. You’ll be able to listen it, ‘Slap slap slap slap slap…’ each and every one a facepalm and each and every one a possible lifestyles threatening damage, particularly for babies or the aged.”

There is not any everlasting remedy for Facepalming, however isolation from Fb and Twitter can alleviate the indicators.

The CDC stories that audience of MSNBC appear extra suffering from Facepalming, at the same time as audience of Fox Cable appear extra suffering from strained vocal cords and shrapnel accidents from shot-up TVs.

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