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Post-Hope America Opens Pandora's Box



American citizens simply devoted a whole month to replacing present-wrapped bins with friends and family. While the bows got here off the smartly-intentioned gifts, a few of them have been precious, and a few have been tossed into the forgotten corners of a gloomy closet. Busy lives right away resumed. What number of people paused to take into accounts whether or not their family members were given what they in reality sought after?

The wish that grandma might in any case settle for her homosexual grandson. The wish for that budding Tinder dating to final thru Valentine’s Day. The wish that subsequent yr daddy can be there to embellish the tree as an alternative of at the back of bars staring on the ceiling. The wish that a deranged member of ISIS or a pathologically lonely youngster may now not shoot up the film theater right through the circle of relatives screening of The Drive Awakens. Or did those inside yearnings turn out to be stoic new yr’s resolutions? The 15 kilos to lose. The task to seek out in order to deliver higher safety and chance. The wish that this yr is the yr that we will be able to amendment for the easier and after all accomplish the ones objectives we now have been eliminating and succeed in a few hard earned good fortune.

We’re getting into probably the most hopeful time of yr; a time while objectives, goals and imaginative and prescient topic. It is the time while new beginnings – or no less than the theory of them – have us feeling impressed and prompted. Wish issues deeply to us as a tradition and we’ve got made it considered one of our so much precious virtues. However when you glance intently, you may see that we frequently worth the wish we really feel greater than we worth the pursuit of objectives, greater than accomplishment, and greater than the real amendment that comes thru onerous paintings. To place such a lot worth on wish, a few would possibly say, is an overly bad proposition.

Can we absolutely take note wish and its worth? Have we ever taken an in depth take a look at while wish may well be, dare I say, destructive?

In line with the Merriam-Webster dictionary, to pray is to cherish a want with anticipation, or to be expecting with trust. Rather merely, wish is sure expectation for an expected long run. But expectation may also be bad, which might be referred to as worry, depression or hopelessness. And it’s this dynamic dating on the root of expectation among wish and worry that may be so essential for us to research.

We worth wish as a result of lifestyles is difficult, even downright unfair and painful from time to time, and it’s our nature to need to higher our scenarios. It’s nearly unimaginable to head thru our days with out experiencing or witnessing unbelievable levels of struggling and illogical injustice. Those are moments the place wish is wanted, as a result of every so often it’s onerous to place one foot in entrance of the opposite. Once in a while, wish is all an individual has on a gloomy and dismal day.

There could also be any other aspect to pray, and it’s person who many people don’t acknowledge as a result of we don’t seem to be taught approximately it, and if we have been, it will display the fragility of our realities and the temperamental nature of want. But if we should not have this vital research of wish, we would possibly transfer into the longer term with a fairly massive and susceptible cultural blind spot.


Glance intently. Wish for a greater result tempers a dissatisfying provide with the assuredness that someday we will be able to construct a greater global, that we will be able to write that ebook that gathers mud within the reaches of our thoughts, or that our youngsters might be type to transgender other folks. Wish affects us to be expecting the United Countries to deliver answers to the escalating risks of local weather amendment, or that our elected politicians will create law on the way to fortify the rights of many and convey justice to those that deserve result for his or her crimes.

Will they in fact do this sort of factor? Past making us really feel somewhat higher with their guarantees within the second, what does that more or less wish in point of fact do approximately local weather amendment or gender equality?

In 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama galvanized hundreds of thousands with wish and guarantees of amendment. His message rallied many who wish-impressed motion may just reconcile the wrongs of the earlier, and that the insurmountable issues of the current might bend towards the lengthy arc of justice. And he was the President. On the other hand, at the same time as hopeful expectancies have been set within the hearts of many, a blowback of nervous expectancies have been impressed at a mass degree as smartly – and that worry galvanized the advent of the Tea Birthday celebration and is now powering the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Glance intently once more. Glance fearlessly round you on the billboards, the advertisements, the road names, the movie trailers and the motifs of our time. Wish is greater than a necessity, it has turn out to be a drug. It’s utilized in politics, media and promoting to do greater than encourage us. It’s used to control, and every now and then it even controls us.

Once I began this research round the real nature and worth of wish for my upcoming musical venture Elpis, I had media pros, promoting executives, and a political spinster inform me: “Watch out. You’re mentioning a perilous query. The powers-that-be don’t need our society to open this Pandora’s Field.”

A psychologist stated: “You’re approximately to expose the sacred cow of manipulation. Think carefully.”

I did think carefully approximately it. And I in the end made up our minds that if it is so bad to query the position of wish in our society, then it is crucial to do it. In the end, we’re at a major crossroads, are we now not?

In pursuit of a extra original and balanced working out of wish, my in search of led me to a spot the place few folks move anymore, past the fast clicks of our social media feeds stuffed with the up to date headlines, to undying human historical past.

I found out the little-recognized personality of Elpis in the well known historic Greek fantasy approximately Pandora’s Field. Her legacy used to be buried and had now not but made it into our mainstream media, but if I discovered her, I knew that she is an important a part of the tale. I knew I needed to help her break out; that if I may just convey her to lifestyles in the course of the sound of my viola she may just raise a transformative message to these prepared to pay attention.

In this eve of 2016, initially of latest beginnings, I would love to percentage with you the backstory of Elpis, followed via my rating of that backstory, the primary music of the album, entitled “Prologue”. My objective is that Elpis would possibly spark your interest as she did mine, and you are going to sign up for me in dialog and inside of your personal group concerning the position wish performs in our lives and movements. I realize it is only a catalyst to top shifts we will have to believe, however the means of reconciling fact with our beliefs is crucial and considerate position to start.

ELPIS through Christen Lien

In Greek mythology, males and gods have been created equivalent. Prometheus, the Titan who believed in mankind probably the most, used to be our faithful champion. He taught us to learn and write, easy methods to use mathematics, how you can construct and create. Zeus, then again, didn’t delight in us in the similar means, and sought after to reign very best over mankind. Zeus may subversively paintings to get mankind to worship him, and had a traumatic dating with Prometheus, who Zeus seemed to be a trickster bestowing unmerited beneficial presents upon mankind.


So while Prometheus stole fireplace from Mount Olympus and gave it to guy, Zeus took motion. A threatened Zeus forged a super curse on Prometheus, his circle of relatives, and all of mankind. Prometheus’ torturous punishment used to be to be tied to a rock the place an eagle gobbled his liver on a daily basis, handiest to have it develop again day after today, while the eagle may start once more.

Zeus became his consideration subsequent to guy, and stated stated one thing haunting, complicated and deeply necessary:

“I will be able to provide males as the cost for fireplace an evil factor, during which they’ll all be satisfied of center whilst they include their very own destruction.”
~ excerpt from Hesiod’s Paintings and Days, II. fifty four-fifty nine.

He gave guide to have Pandora created as the primary lady, and located her to fall in love with Prometheus’ brother Epimetheus. As a marriage present, he ready an exquisite field with undisclosed contents and prompt Pandora that she will have to by no means open this mysterious field, understanding she may now not be in a position to withstand. Within the field have been many evils and one in every of them used to be Elpis, the spirit of wish, which interprets to expectation. As a result of Elpis used to be so heavy and grievous, while Pandora opened the lid, all the different evils temporarily flew out into the arena and Elpis lay caught on the backside.


Pandora right away learned her mistakes and with haste placed the lid again on sooner than Elpis had an opportunity to fly out of the box. There Elpis met her destiny, and has been trapped in Pandora’s Field these kind of millennia… ready, ready, ready to be rescued.

Ready. For Zeus, for Pandora, for somebody else to save lots of her.

The Elpis personality fascinates me. The translation is fluid and adjustments, however something is obvious: Elpis, rapidly trapped in her jail, waits for her salvation and for her freedom. And whilst she waits and hopes for some other to rescue her, not anything approximately her global adjustments.


Like Elpis, we see this hopeful state paralyze us often, whilst not anything approximately our global adjustments – or no less than now not as we was hoping it will.

Have you learnt a lady who stayed with an abusive guy, as a result of she dearly was hoping that he might sooner or later amendment? He did not amendment. As time went on, her trust, her feel of self, and her willingness to go away and construct a greater lifestyles pale. Her wish didn’t lend a hand her state of affairs, it used to be now not empowering conduct, and it dimmed her spirit.

Have you ever ever had a qualified colleague promise you one thing large, and in consequence you passed them the keys and waited for them to ship, with the wish that they might convey you the buyer or collaborator that may amendment your small business round, or that lift or promoting that may take you to the following degree? In the end that point and funding, what you was hoping for did not come to you. That is a wish that does not lend a hand, and a procedure the place one appears out of doors of themselves for the answer.

Wish isn’t trust; it’s neither accept as true with nor religion. It isn’t the arrogance that a plan of action will have to convey ahead an meant result. Wish is the expectancy of receiving one thing sure.

The essential fear is that wish can really feel so just right and reassuring, and in that state we see handiest what we need to see. In consequence we will be able to wait, or watch and even act with out complete consciousness of obstacles and data, subsequently obscuring our judgment a few state of affairs. Wish is so emotionally seductive, we will be able to be manipulated on mass ranges while wish is dangled in entrance of our minds and hearts, and repeated throughout messages and media. And wish can become to worry in oneself, or your wish can encourage anyone else’s worry in no time relying on how fact unfolds and both reinforces or contradicts our expectancies concerning the long run.

Generations have each struggled with wish and became to pray in making an attempt occasions. It is now time to invite what sort of up to date mythology we are developing round wish and at what result, in order that we would possibly get started working out that we’ve got a decision as to how the dualism of expectation, and the interaction of wish and worry, affects us in my opinion and as a society.

Right through 2016 we’re going to revel in, have a look at and examine the spectrum of wish, expectation and the tale of Elpis of their complicated glory. To be part of the dialog, practice me on Fb, Twitter or Instagram, or join e-mail signals at www.christenlien.com. Additionally, watch my contemporary efficiency at TEDxBoulder: Empathy and Malice to peer extra of my paintings.

Paintings via Invoice Nelson.

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