At the same time as the arena has been busy celebrating the awesomeness of #BlackGirlMagic, made up our minds it might rain on everybody’s parade via publishing a piece of writing entitled “Right here’s My Drawback With #BlackGirlMagic.” What’s much more provoking is that the writer, Linda Chavers, is a black lady. Ugh.

Chavers’ number one objection to the #BlackGirlMagic motion is that she believes it’s an extension of the “robust, black lady” ideology, which will on occasion dehumanize ladies of colour.&#one hundred sixty;She believes that it pushes the message that black ladies are “one thing rather than human,” that we’re animals and incapable of getting emotions.

Chavers cites her struggle with the incurable sickness MS for instance of now not being “magic.” She additionally is going so far as pronouncing that celebrating #BlackGirlMagic may just lead to society to assume that black ladies are so superhuman or otherworldly that we will be able to face up to rape and violent abuse.

“The whole thing outside and inside of me is flesh and bone and a worried gadget (with dangerous signaling). Not anything magical,” Chavers wrote.

It’s painfully transparent that her stance is much too literal and that she utterly ignored the celebratory origins of the hashtag&#one hundred sixty;that stemmed from the hashtag #BlackGirlsAreMagic, began by way of CaShawn Thompson.&#one hundred sixty;

“I say magic as a result of everybody does not all the time get it,” Thompson advised The Huffington Submit. “We appear mysterious or even otherworldly in a few of our achievements or even our on a regular basis tactics — however we all know we’re simply human like everybody else. That is a part of the magic.”

Chavers’ erroneous stance additionally explains why Black Twitter took goal on the article in a while after it used to be revealed on Wednesday afternoon, and why video explainers like this are so useful:

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The thing comes off the heels of Elle’s up to date factor that includes each Taraji P. Henson and Viola Davis. This popularity, which highlights how multidimensional those ladies are, is the epitome of black woman magic. Listed here are ladies of colour (now not “superhuman” by any means) who overcame heavy competition, together with racism and sexism, to succeed in the best issues in their careers. To reduce their good fortune by way of pronouncing “black woman magic” is dehumanizing or demeaning is mistaken.

In the end, black woman magic isn’t an act of erasure — this is a fashionable attempt to include who we’re and what we will be able to do, and ladies like Henson, Davis&#one hundred sixty;and numerous others&#one hundred sixty;are nice representations of that.&#one hundred sixty;

Black ladies will have to be in a position and allowed to have fun our achievements with out unfair complaint. We will have to try for excellence and delight in our glory while our greatness is confirmed. In any case, we are facing insurmountable odds and loyal obstacles, and once we holiday thru them, it’s, in some ways, magical.

Once we declare black woman magic, we’re now not claiming we’re magicians or legendary beings. We’re claiming that the issues we’re in a position to perform at the same time as being black ladies are wondrous. We’re claiming that the percentages we’ve defeated and, in consequence, the good fortune we’ve accomplished are worth of popularity. Black woman magic ushers in birthday celebration and camaraderie in some way that unifies black ladies like not anything else. &#one hundred sixty;

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